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June 29, 2021 | News & Notices Rapid, Robust LC-MS/MS Analysis of Biomarker Candidates that Show a Correlation to Increase Severity of COVID-19 Symptoms
Release of Method Package for Modified Nucleoside Analysis System

LCMS-8060NX Triple Quadrupole Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

boxing-picks-and-parlays,LCMS-8060NX Triple Quadrupole Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

denjar video has released the LC/MS/MS Method Package for Modified Nucleosides.*1 Using this method package, biomarker candidates (two kinds of modified nucleosides) that show a correlation to increase severity of COVID-19 symptoms can be measured in six minutes*2. This method package is used in conjunction with a modified nucleoside analysis system consisting of a denjar video triple quadrupole liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer (LC-MS/MS) .

best-cricket-betting-websites-in-india,The modified nucleoside analysis system features high accuracy possible only by LC-MS/MS analysis, the ability to measure modified nucleosides in only six minutes, compatibility with urine and blood samples.

free-slot-games-with-bonus-rounds-no-download-no-registration,The fact that biomarker candidates that show a correlation to increase severity of COVID-19 symptoms can be identified in the urine or blood of COVID-19 patients was determined from research by Kazuhito Tomizawa et al. at the Kumamoto University Faculty of Life Sciences. Based on that research, denjar video developed a technique for quickly identifying two kinds of modified nucleosides and then prepared the LC/MS/MS Method Package for Modified Nucleosides as a commercial product. This package includes example sample preparation protocols (procedures) and analytical methods (instrument settings, etc.) intended for LC-MS/MS analysis.

In the future, denjar video intends to collaborate with Kumamoto University on modified nucleoside research aimed at searching for various biomarkers that can indicate mitochondrial disorders or other diseases. In addition, denjar video intends to standardize methods and develop a fully automatic analysis system in an effort to implement the research results throughout society.,ou-volleyball-ranking

  • *1 Method Package:
    Analytical conditions, sample preparation protocols, and other information optimized for specific analytical applications. denjar video offers various method packages as products.
  • *2 Given serial analysis of multiple samples.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.,casino-brother

For more details, visit
LC/MS/MS Method Package for Modified Nucleosides,cricket quotes

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